• The 7 Keys to Sustainable Productivity

    Get more done, consistently, as Bruce Clark shares lessons from the World's Greatest Producer.


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  • Maximize Your Unique Productivity Style

    There is only one you. There is something only you can do. You know it is right at your fingertips. You’ve put in the work, but does your productivity consistently match your personality profile? It’s time to discover the 7 Keys to Sustainable Productivity.

  • Produce, Like God?

    Lessons from the World's Greatest Producer


    "The Father is always working, and so am I." - Jesus 


    With competing demands and the challenges of choosing the right priorities at the right time, many struggle with being productive. After jumpstarting their productivity they find it difficult to sustain. Bruce has had this struggle in business and ministry. After seeking answers, he found it in God. Really. Consider this: no one is more productive than God. Did you know that there are 7 keys to how He produced when He created the World? Did you know those same methods are available to you? Through practical exercises and case studies, this course will show you how to produce on "earth as it is in heaven."


    In this course you will:

    • Eliminate behaviors which limit productivity.
    • Translate your vision into practical plans.
    • Simplify planning to maximize your work habits.
    • Learn how to design efficient processes.
    • Align communications with vision and remove toxic language patterns.
    • Measure progress to celebrate wins and learn from failures.
    • Manage priorities through outcome-based strategies.
    • Understand the real meaning of time and simple time management strategies.  

    Cost: $89.95 USD

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  • The 7 Keys to Sustainable Productivity

    Make your best progress in the shortest amount of time,

    without compromising your values.