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    Bruce H. Clark



    Bruce is a senior leadership advisor and management consultant, leveraging the principles of godly leadership and wise counsel to national and international leaders. He's planned, led, managed, and participated in diverse projects ranging from developing software for space-based surveillance systems to providing advice to leaders of churches and governments around the world. Bruce is a Bishop with the Fellowship of International Churches. Click here to learn more about him.

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    The Principle

    In any area of life, the best servant ultimately wins.


    Godly leadership hinges on the principle that the greatest among you shall be your servant. Everyone can lead because everyone can serve. Godly leadership is not top-down, but bottom-up. Authentic godly leadership does not start at the head, but at the feet--- true leaders know the business from the ground up, and are in a better position to serve everyone at every level of their growth.


    If you take the low road, you will rise to higher heights. Leadership, then, will not be an effort, but an outcome.

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    The Topics

    In the Godly Leadership School (GLS), using the Bible as our guide, here are a few things we will explore:

    • Seven Keys to Sustainable Productivity

    • Steps to Obtain and Increase Vision

    • Align Strategy and Structure to Accompany Vision

    • Align Corporate Vision and Personal Vision

    • The Godly Leadership Golden Rule 

    • Five Unchanging Attributes of Godly Leadership

    • Five Secret Questions Every Leader Should Ask

    • And more...

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    The Objective

    This school is a transformation encounter more than a simple exchange of information. God wants to transform lives through transformed godly leaders.  The GLS encourage, empower, and equip you transformed through godliness to transform their spheres of influence to reflect the Kingdom of God.

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  • Reviews

    What are people saying about GLS?

    "I enjoyed the fact that the examples of leadership were based on Pastor's personal experience and that the class was God breathed- based on revelation knowledge and not just some basic principles from a popular book."


    "Content was scriptural based and anointed, well laid out and covered all aspects of one's life personal, professional, spiritual, soul and body"


    "The principles were valuable productivity, a desired outcome,

    governing, etc. Made me conscious on how I was applying them at home, on my job, and overall interaction."


    " The beatitudes of a leader were huge and insightful because it was revelation from God and principles I will put on the walls of my home as guiding principles in my own leadership journey."


    "I found it renewing to have a period to concentrate on trans-formative, positive God-centered changes. It benefited my Spirit, personally and professionally."