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Simple Change Process

Throw off your former way of life...renew your thoughts and attitudes...put on your new nature...

- Ephesians 4:22-24 (NLT)

Everything in this life since the fall of Adam is falling apart. Things left alone will deteriorate, and that includes your purpose in this earth. So, you must not remain constant, else you go backwards. You, and your organization, must change. And, you can change. Change helps you to discover and experience God’s good, acceptable and perfect will.

The Bible gives us clear instructions on the necessity for change and the process of change. This process has three integrated steps:

  1. Change the way you think,
  2. Put off sinful attitudes and behaviors,
  3. Put on your identity as a a son of God.

In any industry, family or personal life, this process of change will work.

  1. Change the internal paradigms,
  2. Remove toxic patterns, 
  3. Embrace a new culture that is in line with a new identity of achievement through service.

Start thinking about these three for your personal life and your organization. Embrace this process through times of prayer and intentional action steps. You will see amazing changes that bring results for you, continuous improvement for the group you are leading, and hope for the folks on the margins of society.

Be the change. Lead the change.

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