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The Right Question

Clarity of vision is yours.

"Art thou for us, or for our adversaries?"

- Joshua 5:13

Joshua's question reveals his vision: HIS FIGHT. He is new to leading a nation. He was well aware of the fighting capacity of the nations inhabiting his promised land. Joshua also knew that his nation did not have experiences in battle. So when the Angel appears to him, naturally Joshua may have thought, "he must be here to help us fight our battle, right?" But, "Nay", the Angel said. "You are locked in on the wrong thing right now Joshua. I am not come to fight for you. I am come with my own agenda". His question, "do you fight for us or them?", like all questions:

  1. estabishes an agenda, 
  2. frames a reality, and 
  3. reveals 

his vision. 

But God's vision was different.

Leadership is influencing people to enjoy carrying out your vision.  Godly leadership is influencing people to enjoy carrying out God's vision. The best godly leadership is when your vision and God's vision are the same.

The challenge with vision is that it is easily "overcome by events." What is clear during times of great joy and achievement becomes cloudy during crises, if the leader shifts focus. In the case of godly leaders, they may lose sight of God's vision, replace it with their own, and not be aware of the shift. Then, they start asking the wrong questions. Tell me the questions leaders are asking and I will tell you their real vision.

The great question godly leaders ask is what Joshua came to in Joshua 5:14, "What saith my lord unto his servant?" This question enables the leader to get God's vision and, thus, move people in the right direction. And, this works in a home, at work, in the church community, or anywhere else.

There is an audience of One, waiting for your question "what do you have to say, Lord?" Pause from the battle, take off your shoes, and invest the time with God. Clarity of vision is yours.