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The Host Has Not Arrived

I have been leading a 5am prayer call this month. Usually, I dial-in as a host before 5am to setup the conference call. A code is required to host the call and another one to join the call. One morning, I did what I thought was my regular routine, and after entering the code I heard: “the host has not arrived.” As a result, I could not establish the conference.

I had dialed in as a participant and not a host.

Leadership is hosting, not simply participating. Leaders get out front and do the necessary creative work to initiate something for others to participate in. When a leader delegates hosting to someone else, or wants to simply be a participant, the mission/vision passes him by - like a moving train.


This is one thing that distinguished Jesus from the Pharisees. Jesus was THE host. The Pharisees had the office, but were not hosting, as it were, what God wanted. They were self-focused. Jesus was Father-focused and mission-focused. By His leadership and example, now we get to participate like Him in the Father’s plan.

There is something for you to host. Sure, stand out, but lead the way. Let it not be said of you, “the host has not arrived.”

Leaders not only participate, they host.

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