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Outside Inputs

Leaders must face reality about themselves. This is often a difficult task because leaders have blind spots, especially in their self-awareness. Paul in I Corinthians 13 told us that “we know in part”. We don’t have all the information we need, and none of us can completely see ourselves. So, outside input, from trusted sources, helps leaders face reality about themselves.

The primary “outside input” comes through times of prayer, for the godly leader. In the words of David, “Thou hast searched me and known me.” In prayer, we make room for God to expose the outcome of His search. We become aware of ourselves and, thus, our need for God.

Secondary inputs come from those closest to the leader. Leaders invite the constructive assessment of others for two reasons – increased self-awareness, and finding out the state of their relationships with the people around them. With this vital information, the leader can make course corrections if necessary, receive validation of current work, and help people see themselves, for increased productivity.

With inputs from God and trusted sources, you lead with authenticity. Truth becomes the key commodity in your relationships and people are empowered to speak freely. Authenticity is then an outcome, which starts with the truth about who you are.

The first person to lead is yourself. So, “buy the truth and sell it not”, especially about you.