"I go to prepare a place for you."

"Make disciples of every nation."


Jesus invested there years into his disciples. He gave them vision and strategy. He demonstrated to them how to live and lead. He practiced what he preached, gave them the tools they needed, responded to their questions and paid the ultimate price. He was raised from the dead, and His final instruction was to go into all the world. Of every nation and of every people, make disciples. And then,

He left them.

He was able to leave them with the most important responsibility ever given to any group of men, because He trusted.

Consider that these were not the "wise and noble" men of the day. These guys, for the most part, were blue collar guys. They were trusted to change the world. And they did.

Leaders understand that they must invest their lives in the people following them. Leaders know that after a genuine life investment into the right people, they can trust the investment will yield a great return.

Leaders trust.

Take the jump of trust. Give the right people your best, invest your life into them, and then get out of their way. When you do, they will do greater works because you go and leave them with your trust.

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