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Two Extremes of Leadership - Part II

The Jezebel Extreme

No one else so completely sold himself to what was evil in the LORD’s sight as Ahab did under the influence of his wife Jezebel. - I Kings 21:25

Some say that "leadership is influence", which is true in part, but influence is not enough. Hitler had influence. The bad boys in your neighborhood had influence. We don't simply need people who can move others from point A to point B, we need the right direction and the right means. The bad extreme of leadership is using influence in the wrong spirit and towards the wrong direction. This is the Jezebel extreme.

While Ahad lived on the extreme of passivity and timidity, Jezebel operated with manipulation and control. Jezebel influenced Ahab to build idols, take land that was not his, and to do more evil than any other king. She used his passivity against him to achieve what was in her interests, not his best interest. Tragically, though she temporarily achieved her desired end, she died a horrible death and is eternally known as a failure.

Another character in the Ahab-Jezebel saga is the Prophet Elijah. Unlike Ahab, Elijah took responsibility and gave his prophecies with great authority. Unlike Jezebel, he allowed God to be the source of his influence and was not interested in control. He told the truth to Ahab and he avoided Jezebel. But perhaps his greatest achievement is that he empowered and released one his followers, Elisha, to achieve twice as much as he did.

Ensure your leadership stands the test of time and eternity - avoid manipulation and control. Instead seek to empower and release.

Empower and release.

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