November 4, 2010 11:57pm

South African Airways Flight

On a plane ride to Dakar, Senegal in route to Johannesburg (JOH), South Africa, with an overnight stay before flying into Blantyre, our plans did not work out. But, we hustle and scramble to get on a flight that will get us to Blantyre in time for the ordination service. This is, as a friend of mine would say, “a character building exercise.”

Originally scheduled to fly earlier this morning, we missed our flight. We left my house about 30 minutes late, because those with me were not on time. I took the opportunity to talk to the team about the true cost of time.

30 minutes costs a lot in international travel and missions.

It will cost more money, it will require an overnight stay in Blantyre, and it will require that we make at least 20 phone calls. It will cost spiritual energy, and it will have an impact on reputation. Not to mention all of the folks who have planned and prayed for those 30 minutes. And all of the people that have been waiting in expectation for us to get there. And what about the folks who have to fight to get a ride to the meeting we were supposed to have? And the hourly costs of the business persons sitting in the room, waiting for us. The cost of gas of all of the people getting to the meeting. The cost of the room rental. Yes, 30 minutes is very, very expensive.

Leaders understand that to truly value people, one must value the people’s time.

As you move throughout the day, consider how much procrastination and tardiness costs other people. Then, consider how much it costs you.


Lord, thank you that you sent Jesus "in the fulness of time". You are never late. Help me to be more like you in how I prioritize and utilize time. Help me to remember how my use of time impacts others. Grant unto me the grace to not delay but act in the right time, for your glory. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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