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Make The Necessary Adjustments

“Take off your shoes…” - Exodus 3:5

Shoes speak to identity, direction, and position. “Moses, take off your shoes. Stop what you are doing, where you are going, and let go. There is no greater place than this place. You are now on an indirect journey of self-discovery and success as you see me in this new place.”

Godly leaders receive assignments from God, that require leaders to change in order to achieve those assignments. But before He gives words of destiny and assignments, you (the leader) must be postured correctly. You will have to adjust something or give up something.

Moses had to take off His shoes. What do you have to “take off”?

When we were planning Advance Church, our goal was to reach people who were unchurched. Everything, from the mission statement to how we designed Sunday morning services, was focussed on giving God glory in a way that was accessible to unchurched people. But, before we could get off the ground, people who who had been in bad church experiences started attending. And, while I was excited about the prospect of new converts, I had to also take responsibility to bring healing to the people coming in the doors. I had to make an adjustment in how and what we did. I had to adjust the direction of the church in that season in order to lead the people with me. It was holy ground and my life experiences with God had prepared me for the moment. Today, man of those people are whole, strong, and successful - by the grace of God.

All of your life has brought you to this place, this holy ground, this moment where time meets destiny. It may look differently than how you planned, but you are prepared to shift as necessary. Your adjustments in identity, direction or position, as you stand face to face with God, will become the fuel to your leadership.

Make the adjustments for, right now, you are on holy ground - where God empowers you to make a difference.

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