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Five Must Do’s for Every Godly Leader

Here's a quick list of things godly leaders must do. These are not the only things to do, but they are "must dos" to maintaining godliness, while moving people towards God's vision.

Maintain Strong Relationship with God

Key - humility (James 4:6). This happens through the Word of God, prayer, and yielding to Holy Spirit.

Maintain Strong Relationships with the Right People

Key - interdependence (i Corinthians 12:21-30). Leaders have to have a certain independence but aim for connectivity with the right people. And disconnection from the wrong ones.

Manage Money According to a Plan

Key - the principles of money found in the Word. (Luke 16:10-12). Study Gideon's failure towards the end of his life.

Communicate in Faith

Key - the principles of the language of faith (Ephesians 4:29). Email me and I will send you a message series about this.

Increase in Sexual Purity

Key - run from lust (II Tim 2:22) and run towards love (I Corinthians 13:5 - seeketh not her own). Oh how many mighty have fallen because of this. Keep pure and you increase power.

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