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Elevate Your Vision

Beyond the Obvious

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

A glance at newspaper headlines these days can give anyone reason to panic. Whether it is news of another bank failure, the threat of a global disease pandemic, or a rogue state potentially obtaining a nuclear weapon, there are plenty of causes for anxiety. What happened to that new era of peace and prosperity we were all hoping for when the Berlin Wall came down?

The trouble hits closer to home too. A phone call from a client reveals that the deal is broken up. You remember your last meeting; they seemed so happy to work with you. Your board announces that the CEO has been arrested for inappropriate conduct with one of your friends at work. Didn’t he just make a major announcement about workplace behavior?

Trouble abounds and impacts vision. And without vision, "people perish." During troubled times leaders don't need to increase vision, they need to elevate vision.

Leaders do not react, they transcend. Godly leaders, especially in troubled times, elevate to a lofty vision of the greatness of God.

Our minds can barely begin to comprehend how great He really is. With all our technology, the deepest hole dug by man is only a little over seven miles; yet the Colorado River, meandering along, carved out the eighteen mile deep gorge we call The Grand Canyon. Countless Egyptians moved 1.3 million limestone blocks to build the Great Pyramid at Giza, which stands at a towering 420 feet. Yet, Mount Everest, raised by the pressure of two slowly colliding tectonic plates, stands almost 30,000 feet high and is still growing. IBM’s BlueGene supercomputer, arguably the most powerful in the world, can perform 92 trillion operations per second and can store eight terabytes of information. But it is not nearly as powerful as the human brain, which can perform 38,000 trillion operations per second. God, who made the rivers, made the mountains, and created the human brain, is great!

In troubled times, ask God to stretch your imagination to perceive more of His greatness. Seeing His greatness will increase your vision of what He is able to accomplish through you.

If you’ve ever seen some of the pictures sent back by the Hubble space telescope, those can be a good place to start. Uncountable stars, planets, supernovas, and other cosmic phenomena we can hardly name stretch as far as our most powerful instruments can see in any direction. A single “pinwheel” galaxy swirls like a fluorescent storm against the deep black of space. Bursts of light and color along the spiraling arms reveal that new stars are being born before our very eyes.

This is one galaxy: one of approximately 350 billion large galaxies in the known universe. This one galaxy is about 50,000 light years across, which means that by the time the light from one end reaches the other, all recorded human history could have repeated itself ten times. So the bottom line is this: can a God who created at least 350 billion galaxies that big handle your fiscal challenges? Can He heal your body? Fix your client relationships?

Once you start meditating on God’s greatness, you will find it in everyday life. You will find it in the uniqueness of your children or the beauty of the sunrise on the way to work. You will realize that you are special and unique, not because of anything that you have done or accomplished, but because of how God created you. You will realize the truth of what Jesus said when He promised that you are far more important to your Creator than any sparrow, and that He is more than capable of taking care of you and your business in troubled times.

Elevate your vision.

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