Leaders are leading on purpose in some ways and by default in others.

My daughter is going off to college, after a gap year spent partially in South America. When she went out of the country I was not worried, although I was watchful. I was not concerned because my wife and I raised her intentionally with a certain set of values that we repeated consistently. I knew that if you "train up a child in the way ... they will not depart from it." So, her time in South America would be guided by how we led her.

Her time would also be influenced by how we simply lived our lives, while not necessarily trying to influence her. I have noticed that she has picked up my sense of humor, her mother's attention to detail, and our concern for people, to name a few. These things were not necessarily taught to her. We did not lead her into "this is how you have a sense of humor and attention to detail". She just picked up those things from being around us and from her own personality and decisions. They were picked up because they are our default settings.

What are your default settings? Your words, behavior, thoughts, and spirit are influencing the people around you, by default. People following you are picking up those things.

Jesus is our example. Who He was, without trying, was what He challenged His disciples to be. On purpose, and by default. So, He could simply say "follow me", because, the disciples would pick up everything they needed - not only through His teaching, but through His default settings.

What are your default settings?

Whatever you want your organization to become, you must become.​

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